For Professionals

As a professional, one of the biggest challenges you face in today's environment is the need to do more with less time available. Demands for your time are at an all-time high. Finding the time to meet your professional responsibilities is tough enough. Finding the time and personal resources to manage your own long term financialaffairs is even more difficult. Why not seek the resources and services of an experienced financial professional?

We are positioned to assist you with planning for your financial needs, goals and objectives, regardless of what stage of life you or your career are at. We pride ourselves in delivering individualized services to meet your needs, rather than taking a one size fits all or product centered approach.

Professional's Solutions

Financial Plan Solutions

Life Insurance Needs

Disability Income Insurance Needs

Savings Analysis

Investment Analysis

Individual Health Insurance


Long Term Care Insurance

Cash Flow Analysis

Fixed & Variable Annuities

College Tuition Funding Solutions

College Cost Analysis

Funding Methods

 529 Plans

Education IRA's


Insurance Plans

Estate Planning Solutions

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation 

Charitable Giving

Legacy Plans

Tax Management Strategies

Mutual Funds


Retirement Planning Solutions

Retirement Needs Analysis

Traditional IRAs


Rollover IRAs

Fixed & Variable Annuities

Survivor Income Using Life Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

IRA Exchange Plans

Legacy Plans

Qualified Plans

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation